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Drinking coffee, holding meetings or working while your laundry is running in the background: it is possible in Wageningen. The Laundry Work Spot – part of Short Stay Wageningen – has not only washing machines and dryers, but also a Starbucks coffee machine and flexi work stations.

The Laundry Work Spot is for Short Stay Wageningen’s guests and for all the residents and visitors of the municipality of Wageningen.

You are most welcome in a relaxed atmosphere with a modern look!

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No washing machine or your machine broken?

No stress, come and wash with us. We have modern machines that can take up to 8 kilos of laundry. With our extensive choice programme, we don’t mind doing the laundry!

No need for coins! Download the Appwash, put some credit on it and use your phone to switch on the washing machine or dryer.

After the wash cycle you can transfer your laundry to the dryer so you can put it back in the closet at home.

While your laundry is running you can enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee in our other area and work at one of our tables, or just hang out on the couch. How relaxing is that!

Want to go for a walk or do some shopping while your laundry is running? No problem!

With the Appwash, you can see on your phone if your laundry is almost done. And then we’ll see you again when your laundry is clean.


No stiff desk, but work in a relaxed atmosphere with relaxed music in the background! With us, you can make use of the flexi workstations. We have WIFI and good coffee!

At the high bar table by the window, at a table or on the couch. You choose what you like!

Working, meeting a client, that’s all possible with us. Even if you do not have your own office and you still have business appointments, you have come to the right place.

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Do you want to consult with a larger group and then preferably outside our regular opening hours.

Or you have something small to celebrate, such as your promotion.

We love to organise and parties and like to think along with you! Together with you, we will go through your wishes and make a plan.

We have contacts with a number of companies in Wageningen who will support us in making it a successful, informal evening with a snack and a drink!


We are located in the city center of Wageningen.
You can drop by our office at the Laundry Work Spot or send us an e-mail if you have any questions.
The Laundry Work Spot is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 A.M. till 17:00 P.M.
You can do your laundry from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 A.M. till 21:00 P.M.
We would like to meet you!
Laundry Work Spot / Office Short Stay Wageningen
Gerdesstraat 71, 6701 AH Wageningen
+31 6 48418116

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