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Traveller review Awards 2020 Booking.com: 8,6 and 8,9!

Short Stay Wageningen is proud to announce it has been awarded for guest reviews at¬†Booking.com. We received a Guest Review Award of 8,6 out of 10 for our Short Stay Wageningen location Veerstraat. And, we received a Guest Review Award of 8,9 for our Short Stay Wageningen location Gerdesstraat! Read more about the Traveller Review Award 2020 Booking.com: The Booking reviews for Short Stay Wageningen by Booking are a result of consistent glowing reviews based on months of awesome guest experiences at Short Stay Wageningen. We improve our reviews every year. Our goal for 2020? Further improvement and even more satisfied guests. The assessment score for the 2020 edition is based on the average score of all guest reviews that were posted on the Booking.com website and app between 30 October 2017 and 30 October 2019. Special thanks to all our guests who take the time to write these reviews for the ‘Traveller Review Award 2020’!

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